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Borough Bridge

Borough Bridge lies to the north of the village crossing the River Mole. This single carriageway bridge was built in 1737 by Richard and Thomas Skilton, Surveyors and strengthened in 1991 by Surrey County Council.

At dusk, during the summer, pipistrelle bats can be seen swooping over the River Mole catching insects.

Early photographs of Borough Bridge

A couple of photos of Borough Bridge heading into Brockham.

The photograph below is dated 1928, not sure of the date for the one above - it looks a lot earlier.

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Local History

Christ Church dominates the Village Green. But who built this imposing feature?

Find out more about the history of Brockham Village and see the village as it was in 1947

Yes, Cricket was played on the Green and W G Grace may have played here...

In November 2000, during the wettest autum for 200 years, the River Mole burst it's banks.

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